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        Smart city attacks, how intelligent urban lighting?

        This year's two sessions, "Smart City" has become the focus of the topic, Smart City has promoted the development of many industries, lighting companies also want to take a share in it. However, in order to achieve intelligent urban lighting, there are also many problems: energy conservation and environmental protection, the need for higher and faster transmission rate, high construction costs, technical problems to be solved. How should urban lighting be intelligentized under the state's efforts to push smart cities?

        Urban lighting blowout intelligent to promote green lighting

        In recent years, the process of urbanization in China has been advancing rapidly, and the urbanization rate has gradually increased. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the urban population in China has increased from 562 million to 749 million in 2005-2014, and the urbanization rate has increased from 42.97% to 54.75%. According to the forecast, the urbanization rate will reach about 60% by 2020, 66% by 2030, and 300 million new urban residents will be added.

        At the same time, in the context of rapid urbanization, with the increase of urban vehicles and population, more and more cities are carrying out large-scale road widening and transformation projects. According to the statistics of the State Statistical Bureau, in 2004, there were 223,000 kilometers of roads in China at the end of the year, reaching 336,000 kilometers by 2013, with an average annual growth rate of 44,000 kilometers. At the end of the year, the actual road area increased from 3.530 billion square meters in 2004 to 6.442 billion square meters in 2013, with an average annual growth rate of 6.91%.

        In fact, the continuous increase of road length and road area has directly led to the increase of the number of urban road lighting lamps every year. According to the 13th Five-Year Plan for Urban Green Lighting, China will build 12 million new LED lights at a 46% growth rate, and transform 50% of the existing street lights, with a total scale of 29 billion yuan.

        But the huge energy consumption of urban lighting has always been a headache, data show that the annual energy consumption of street lighting in London is as high as 560 million degrees! During the "35" period, the state's investment in energy conservation and environmental protection will be more than two times of the "12th Five-Year" period. The major cities in China have also put forward the "13th Five-Year Plan" streetlight LED renovation plan. Therefore, in the next few years, under the background of government policy support, energy-saving and environmental protection urban lighting will replace traditional lighting will become a new growth point of urban lighting industry.

        With the introduction of intelligent lighting, the road of energy saving and environmental protection of urban lighting has embarked on a new road. At CeBIT 2016, the world's largest ICT technology exhibition, Huawei launched its first multi-level intelligent control lighting Internet of Things (IOT) solution for urban street lighting, with a strong lead in the layout of intelligent street lighting in smart cities. Coincidentally, ZTE also announced the "Blue Pillar" Smart Street Lamp as an important destination for its Smart City strategy. In addition, Cisco and Kerui have reached a strategic cooperation on Urban Intelligent lighting, both sides combine their own lighting technology and Ethernet technology to promote the intelligent lighting market.

        HUAWEI's intelligent street lighting scheme has to be amazing that it claims to be able to save about 80% of its original electricity. Liu Yonghua, the application engineer of LED lighting research and Development Department of Yanglin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, said that urban intelligent lighting can detect the environment, make efficient use of resources, and realize energy conservation and environmental protection. "For example, intelligent road lighting systems can calculate the time of sunrise and sunset according to local latitude and longitude, dynamically adjust the time of street lights in different seasons, months and even every day, which will not only save electricity but also make it more humane," he said. "Second, they will install infrared sensors and thunder on the street lights. Reach or camera to measure real-time traffic, traffic data, and as a basis for automatically reducing the brightness of street lights, or interval lights, so that energy-saving can be achieved.

        Too slow? 5G speed up.

        Although urban intelligent lighting can maximize the use of resources, but it also puts forward new requirements, need to be able to process more data in a shorter time, higher transmission speed, data processing speed requirements. At present, the ordinary WiFi router can only support 20 devices at the same time. The power consumption is huge, the signal will become unstable at a little distance, the transmission speed and information are very limited, so it can not bear the demand of intelligent lighting wireless network.

        But these problems will be solved in the 5G era as the state has repeatedly confirmed that 5G will be commercially available by 2020. Nowadays, all kinds of 5G-oriented technologies have been rapidly warming up, and now 5G has not only stayed in the concept, many technical solutions have been gradually landed, NB-IoT (narrow-band cellular Internet of Things) is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Source of China Construction

        International Wisdom City Expo is now facing the national government and research institutes to collect speakers, review and pass, the Organizing Committee issued invitations, free attendance! Gather the wisdom of the force, show the Chinese elements!

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