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        Design principles for building facade lighting

        1, unity, change and harmony

        It emphasizes the overall beauty of building exterior elevation lighting design, and carries out regional or individual elevation lighting projects regularly and orderly according to the overall planning requirements of urban night lighting. Every large area, each scenic area, small to each single building project elevation lighting configuration, must have their own characteristics, can not be the same. In time and space, they should be changed. Lighting technology, brightness and color changes make facade lighting lively and full of vitality. At the same time, there must be a harmonious beauty with the surrounding lighting environment.

        2, artistry

        The aesthetic principles of buildings are expressed by the geometric shapes of points, lines and surfaces and their color combinations. Facade lighting means to express the geometric beauty, sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional sense of the building with lighting.

        3, obvious features, prominent points and rich cultural connotations.

        In the design of elevation lighting, it is necessary to further elaborate and deepen the characteristics and cultural connotation of buildings. Can not use light equally, to highlight the key, fully show the building in the sun shows a unique image characteristics and artistic beauty; at night, to use light to re-shape the image of the building, to show the other side of the building image beauty. Although it is the same object and the same theme, the effect of sunlight and lighting is different.

        4, safety and environmental protection

        Including the safety of the lighting system itself and the promotion of the lighting environment to social order; making full use of high-tech to develop new high-efficiency, energy-saving lighting means; comprehensive consideration of various environmental factors, the choice of economic, practical, energy-saving light source; reasonable choice of lighting installation location, so that lighting to play the greatest role The lighting efficiency; control glare and prevent light pollution.

        When we design the exterior and interior facade lighting, we should reduce the difference between the brightness or color of the building and the surrounding environment, embody the beauty of harmony with the surrounding lighting, and make the lighting effect of the whole building integrated. Sometimes in the building around the lighting facilities, pedestrians and the surrounding environment will adversely affect the aesthetic principles can be applied to the design of lighting, lighting design into elegant shape. At the same time, to avoid affecting the normal growth of plants and to facilitate the maintenance and management of the premise, it is hidden in the branches and leaves of large trees, so that it can become a beautiful landscape during the day and night.
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