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        How long will it take from commercial lighting design to specialization?

        With the rapid development of economy, commercial lighting design is increasing with the demand of consumers. Large-scale commercial complexes are increasingly becoming the mainstream channel of contemporary consumption, and a wide range of commodities are constantly stimulating the eyes of consumers. Today's commercial lighting, is no longer the traditional sense of commercial lighting, in addition to functional lighting, but also need to use lighting to highlight or enhance the commercial place of products or corporate culture.

        To stimulate consumers'potential consumption demand with light, meet people's physiological and psychological needs, and promote economic development.

        This huge market is like a tempting big cake. To this end, the author and Opp commercial lighting jointly launched a questionnaire survey on commercial lighting, and interviewed Li Zhongfeng, director of lighting design of China Aircraft Zhonglian Engineering Co., Ltd.

        I: as a professional lighting designer, what is your orientation in lighting industry?

        Li Zhongfeng: Improve the popularity of lighting design institute, increase market share, make use of existing architectural design resources, customers, enhance business volume, strive to be the leading lighting design enterprises in the southwest region.

        Author: what are the main types of projects your company undertake?

        Li Zhongfeng: Interior public space, public buildings, commercial complexes, residential buildings, municipal works and other lighting design.

        Author: what is the proportion of commercial lighting projects in your design projects?

        Li Zhongfeng: very few, less than 10%.

        The author: what is the general designer's choice of product brand? What are the external influences?

        Li Zhongfeng: It mainly depends on the project. Municipal or large-scale projects generally adopt international well-known brands; other projects generally choose their own familiar, cost-effective, quality assured brand, in addition, is the beauty of lamps and lanterns, whether it is suitable for the application of the project. Influenced by the real estate market environment, the major real estate developers on the demand for building lighting design is also greatly reduced, so in the choice of brand owners to the price level as the main basis for choice.

        External impact: designers in the choice of brand, mainly depends on the salesman's service attitude before the degree of coordination in place.

        Author: what percentage of your product brand is selected by the owner?

        Li Zhongfeng: Generally what kind of owners, municipal or large-scale state-owned project owners in 80% - 90%, real estate developers in general about 60%. Generally speaking, most owners still respect the recommendation of the design institute.

        The author: what is the number of product brands that will be applied to a project?

        Li Zhongfeng: Generally large-scale projects (more than 8 million) will not exceed five brands, medium-sized projects (3-8 million) will not exceed three brands, small projects (less than 3 million) generally one brand up to two.

        Author: Have you used Opel's products? What do you think are the advantages of Opel's brand compared with similar brands?

        Li Zhongfeng: Opel products are seldom promoted in Chongqing design institutes for the time being, so they have not been used yet and can not be commented on.

        Author: what do you think OPPLE brand can improve?

        Li Zhongfeng: to strengthen the promotion of design institutes.

        The author: please talk about the development trend of the commercial lighting design.

        Li Zhongfeng: Personally, with the continuous development of urbanization in our country, the application demand of commercial lighting has developed from big cities to small and medium-sized cities. The potential of commercial lighting demand is huge. However, the general commercial lighting design is designed by interior designers to package together, and few professional lighting designers are invited to carry out the sub-design; if you want to go, you should go. It is a long process to standardize and specialization.

        The author: now people pay great attention to the quality of life. What do you think the lighting industry has to improve the quality of life?

        Li Zhongfeng: At present, the market is chaotic, and the price and quality of products are uneven. Although lighting design is rapidly popularized in business and home, people pay attention to the improvement of lighting quality of life. I think that for the rich and tasteful people, the average family seldom pursues home lighting too much.
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