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        How is the lighting design of the study reasonable?

        In modern society, home and people's lives are closely related to the need for perfect home design, and indoor lighting is a very important family decoration design. Home life can not be separated from lighting, furniture and home decoration of course important, if the decoration design is lack of lighting design, will lose its soul, therefore, with the home style lighting design, it attracts more attention, showing the complete style of interior design. There are three elements in lighting design: people, light and space. Only by integrating these three elements can the design concept really play the role of lighting. The most important and important part of the three is light. Today we will talk about the lighting design of the study.

        The study is an important place for work and study, so the lighting design must ensure that there is enough reasonable reading lighting. For people who often write at desk, it is best to have a desk lamp on the desk as a local lighting desk lamp. This shows professional and beautiful space. Suggestion is best not to use direct lighting, so that your vision will have some strain, let your body and mind feel tired, do not want to stay in this space for too long, thinking is not focused.

        In addition, when the study is decorated, indirect light sources should be set up around the ceiling for lighting. Indirect lighting can avoid visual glare damage caused by direct light. Therefore, we can let the desk close to the window in the light design, to retain the natural light source, the study indoor light source to indirect lighting is better, easy to precipitate people's mood. If necessary, add only the desk lamp on the left top of the desk for enhanced lighting when reading. For example, the electronic table lamp can be adjusted with 360 degree rotation or lamp arm. In addition, orbital lights can also be used to create a visual view.


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