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        About us

        Honglei Lighting was established in 2014, is a research and development, production, sales as one of the production and marketing enterprises, located in Dongguan City;

        Honglei Lighting mainly produces and sells outdoor landscape lighting lamps and lanterns (such as wall lamp/corner lamp/buried lamp/landscape projection lamp/underwater lamp/fountain lamp/wall washing lamp), and has obtained relevant national qualification certification: Utility Model Patent Certificate, Invention Patent Certificate, Appearance Patent Certificate; and produces outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns sold all over the world. And cooperate with the world Brand Company in OEM projects.

        Honglei Lighting Products have complete product testing equipment and test reports, and products can be certified: CE / ROHS / IP / SAA.

        There are seven major products:

        1 series - wall lamp IP65

        2 series - buried lamp IP67

        3 series - projection light IP65

        4 series - Underwater buried lamp IP68

        5 series - underwater light IP68

        6 series - wall washing lights IP65

        7 series - adjustable angle lamp IP67

        You are welcome to consult or visit exchanges.

        • If you want to get our product information in a timely manner,please fill in your e-mail message to let us contact us,we will send product information to your e-mail.
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        Phone:+86 18688611858
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